I’m an artist, photographer, and producer in California.

I hold a BFA in Journalism from SFSU, and an MFA in Digital Media from CCA. 

If you want to collaborate or commission work drop me a line at jeffenlowstudios @ gmail . com.

In addition to my art practice I work with companies big and small on all things photographic. If you would like to view commercial and editorial work please visit

Creative Mean

Artist  Statement:


My practice is concerned with notions of social entanglement, digital assertion, and transcendence. My work explores how these phenomena are both embedded within, and created by, popular and visual culture, media, and myth.

To this end I incorporate original photography, found images and video, with installation. I’m equally dedicated to photographic and research based field work, and to sifting through digital archives, and I have a keen sense for pulling at threads in order to recontextualize the implied and implicit meaning of images. It has been said of my work that, like a magic trick, the viewer is never really looking at the right thing.  

Parallel to this, my curatorial and speaking practice is deeply committed to fostering conversations that breaks out of our creative comfort zones.  

Selected Exhibitions and Awards:


Pyramid scheme - Bass & Reiner


New Monument Task Force, Marble and Media - Public AR


Landscape with the Fall of Icarus - Public AR

CCA MFA Thesis - online

I’m Sorry, I Forgive You (Solo) - Hubbell Street Galleries, San Francisco

MFA Now (Group) - Root Division


No Place Else (Group) - Hubbell Street Galleries, San Francisco

Alternate Exposure Grant Recipient – Southern Exposure/The Warhol Foundation

Review Santa Fe Attendee  


Anti-Mater Art Fair – Dunham Gallery, Brooklyn

Naked (Group) – Nave Annex, Somerville, MA

Sacramento Meditations (with Helen and Newton Harrison, Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris, Brett Snyder, Jenny Stark) –

Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento

Behind the Levees Film - Teeny-Cine at the Crocker Art Museum Pavilion, Sacramento
Behind the Levees – View Point Gallery, Sacramento  

Young Explorer Grantee - National Geographic Society

Slideluck Potshow – San Francisco

Hamburger Eyes (Group) – Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco

Look3 Festival Workshop Scholarship – Charlottesville, VA

Slideluck Potshow – San Francisco

Local Love (Group) - Gallery 6, San Francisco

Hamburger Eyes (Group) – 111 Minna, San Francisco

Reporting Fellow - Poynter Institute